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About Polaris Engineering

Polaris Engineering specialises in the provision of quality engineering services including structural steel, platework, pipework and spooling, as well as rotable maintenance services on mechanical equipment and associated steel work. We have forged a strategic alliance with an offshore engineering group to enhance our capabilities for any project needs, regardless of size, thus enabling us the ability to accommodate even the largest of projects, with all aspects of the Project Schedule. Quality Control and Logistics managed in-house by our experienced management team.  

Our Mission

Excellence in delivering an unparalleled end product for our clients through exceptional efficient service and the professional skills of our people. Polaris Engineering has engineered a company culture that delivers first class services to a range of industry sectors. Our policy of delivering engineering excellence and efficiency through our wealth of experience and knowledge and an attitude to think differently, is paramount to our work ethic. We are committed to the sustainable success of our clients and our own business through best practice and a first class service that is firmly entrenched within every aspect of our operations.

Core Values



We stand by the Stop, Think, Communicate & Act policy.



Create an environment where every member is valued, respected and encouraged to contribute.



We say what we do, we do what we say.



We promote open communication between employers, employees and clients.

If you are interested in a project or just need some question answered

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